Hexagon Strategy Group Erin White, Founder & CEO


Hexagon Strategy Group Erin White, Founder & CEO



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About the Course
Corporate America and other workplace environments can be a lonely place for all professionals, but certainly even more so for Black professionals. There are unique issues that affect us that go unnoticed and overlooked by organizations. Making it difficult to cope day to day and even more difficult to bring up to managers or peers for a resolution.

That's why I developed this course. This course not only is here to teach you how to develop a strong, authentic powerful mindset. It's here to foster a community that is safe, supportive, and strengthening to ensure you get the most out of your career on your terms.

Email connect@hexagongrp.com to learn more.

About Erin
Hey friends, I’m Erin, Founder & CEO of Hexagon Strategy Group. Here’s a little about me...

I’m a Baltimore native, an enormously proud Howard University alumna (HU! You Know!), received an MBA from Vanderbilt, and a dog mom to my Hollywood, a Yorkshire Terrier from South Africa. I’ve moved around a bit during a 10-year hospitality career, having worked for the original Waldorf Astoria in New York, was a managing partner for a boutique hotel in South Africa, and an eight-year career in strategic HR for Coca-Cola Enterprises that started in Atlanta - the city I now call home. I was able to build teams, increase the effectiveness of business units and leaders nationally and globally.

Beyond all that fun stuff, I have a God-given, intentionally honed talent to help people think, reach and execute on things they never imagined to achieve results they hadn’t considered they could actually achieve.

I coach and consult not only from my background and education, but from my well-earned, lived experience. I will not tell you anything I haven’t gotten right (or wrong) myself and what I’ve learned from it!

I’m so excited to partner with you on your journey!


Atlanta, GA, USA