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  • Black-Owned
  • Digital, Content and Design


Our founder and CEO, Terrence Merkerson, was raised in his grandmother's house, on 15th Avenue West, on the northwest side of Birmingham, Alabama. Over the years, that house and that street provided Terrence with a place of refuge, security and support.

After a decade of working in sales, marketing & strategic communications for and with some of the largest companies in the nation, Terrence decided to start Avenue Fifteen, partnering with Ruth Perez, our COO, combining his 10+ years of experience in marketing and strategic communications with Ruth's 15+ years of strategic operational management and business development.

Their goal was to couple their knowledge and experience to forge partnerships with clients that provided that same refuge, security and support that Terrence's grandmother's little house on 15th Avenue provided him.

‚ÄčIn the same light that Terrence's story led to the creation of our agency, we know that the most compelling stories are those that meet us at our most fundamental levels. The stories we love best live in us forever. Those are the kind of stories that live beyond the pages of books, images on screens and the words pressed against sound. Those are the kind of stories create experiences.

Your story is what makes your brand unique. Allow us to help you tell it.

Tell Your story.
Make Your Impression.
Create Your Experience.


Charlotte, NC, USA